"> Diego Schmunis - Cross-functional Product Leader (CSM/CSPO)
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Product Management

As a Product leader my core quality is:

  • My ability to seek out and identify problems
  • Gain a deep understanding of their root cause
  • Find right solutions given:
  •     Trade-offs
  •     A set of requirements
  •     Identified constrains
  •     Available resources


  • Emotional-trust: A place where leaders, comfortably and quickly acknowledge their mistakes, weaknesses, failures and needs for help. This sense of vulnerability from leaders will be trust in the team and, in turn, encourages other team members to be more open about their issues, limitations and own mistakes. 
  • Communication: Open, direct, transparent and inclusive.
  • Alignment: Priorities are aligned across the organization and everyone is behind a common vision and goal.
  • One-team: No Titanic-effect. We all fail or we all succeed together.
  • Outcomes vs outputs: Reward outcomes, not hours worked.
  • Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose (AMP): Allow your team members to own their areas of expertise and contributions; help them grow and reach the next level and provide them with a team goal greater than what they can accomplish individually.
Great PMs Qualities


  • A problem seeker and curious: Focused on the problmem (job-to-be-done) that he's trying to solve for the user. Thinks in terms of problems to solve first, and solutions second.
  • Flexible and adaptable: Is focused on the user's problem and not on his idea of a solution. Adapts his thinking, processes and methodology to fit with his users, stakeholders and team.
  • Empathetic: Has a deep care for the user's problem and can recognize between what a user wants and what a user needs.


A Product Manager is only as good as his team.
A team is only as good as the culture & leadership around it.